The Stages of Change

A friend shared a model for personal change that really resonated with me.  We start by being unaware of a problem (pre-contemplation stage), such as living a sedentary life.  If we then acknowledge that this is a  problem for us, we have entered the contemplation stage.  When we start thinking about what we could and would like to do about it, we are in the preparation stage.  In the action stage, we actively work to change our behavior by walking, joining a gym, joining a team, hiring a trainer, etc.  We eventually get to maintenance, where the change has become a habit.  However, almost no one goes straight through these stages.  We all have relapses at various times, moving from action to contemplation or preparation.  The key to successfully navigating the stages is to realize that the process is not going to be linear, we are all going to have relapses, but we can still successfully make the change we want.  The last thing we need to do it beat on ourselves for going through a natural process.  Here’s a graphic of the stages of change:

Stages of Change



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