As a senior citizen my fitness program requirements are unique. Susan Longley designed a regimen that is perfect for my needs and skill level. The exercises are challenging but doable. After six months my flexibility, balance and energy level have markedly improved. Susan’s advice on nutrition helped me develop an eating program for steady, healthy weight loss. By eliminating certain food irritants, I reduced joint swelling and pain.

Susan gently but firmly keeps you on track and provides a variety of movements so that sessions are never routine or boring.  She is knowledgeable, skilled and truly cares about her students.

Sara Armstrong
Speaker, Author, Realtor


I am 66 years old and have never really exercised.  Almost two years ago I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis.  In 2015 it seemed like the Good Lord kept putting numerous articles in front of me that mentioned strength training—how it could really help build up bone mass. I had known Susan and her family for a number of years and when she started offering personal training, I decided to start training with her.

I feel stronger and sharper mentally since I have been working out with Susan.  I’m hoping to be able to stop taking the drugs I am taking for osteoporosis.  My 92-year-old mother, who has dementia, has also been working out with Susan and I have seen an improvement in her mobility, but more importantly in her mood and energy. She is truly a different person after an exercise session.  I highly recommend training with Susan Longley, no matter what your age.

Linda Harrison


After years of intense physical activity riding horseback, swimming, and whitewater canoeing, I had ruined my back, totally worn away the cartilage in my knees, and torn both rotator cuffs. So I slowly faded into couch potato-hood. After getting both knees replaced I at least started water aerobics but was able to do little more. But, by then my back was so weak that I was having a hard time walking more than a few yards and standing was intolerable.

In November last year, I was disappointed because water aerobics wasn’t enough. Luckily we got a new water aerobics instructor then – Susan Longley. After talking to Susan one day in the locker room, I decided to start strength training with her twice a week. Great decision! After 6 months I am MUCH stronger. Even my massage therapist is noticing the difference. Also, Susan has isolated the muscle that is probably causing my back pain. My chiropractor and massage therapist concur with Susan’s theory and between the three of them, my back is getting stronger. I am so grateful to Susan for all her encouragement and help. She’s particularly supportive when I get down because I don’t feel like I’m progressing quickly enough. I am confident that I will soon be back to my old active lifestyle and that brightens my whole life.

Thanks a million, Susan!

Ebeth McMullen