Senior Exercise Fitness Tips: Exercise You Should Not Do – Jump Squats in the Water

The First of My Senior Exercise Fitness Tips

The squat is a great exercise to build up to. Start by just backing up to a chair, cross your hands over your chest and touch your butt to the chair seat. Immediately stand up, using your legs and back. Do as many as you can–you’re building up your strength to where you’ll be able to do a full squat.

Some people even get up to jump squats, where they jump up and then do a squat. But you have to have a lot a strength and control to do this move safely. Once you’ve completed the jump, you have to move deliberately into the squat position, maintaining proper form.

Senior Exercise Fitness Tip: In the water, however, it’s easy to move farther than you intend to and you might find yourself merrily doing an awesome jump squat with ease. However, once you get out of the pool you may discover that you’ll pulled your back muscles farther than you should! Remember that with any move in the pool, your range of motion will be greater because of the buoyancy of the water. Make sure you have the strength to support that range of motion before you do it.


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