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Interview with Kathy

Cathy is my oldest client, and suffers from significant memory loss. She loves our exercise sessions, however, and even if she is not feeling up to par, participates the best she can. Most of the time, as she gets going, she starts feeling “energized,” as she says, and ends up completing her program. Interview with […]

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Flexibility Exercises: Guidelines for Stretching

Most people are aware that the American College of Sports Medicine recommends aerobics and resistance training, but did you know they have guidelines for flexibility exercise (stretching) as well? Improving flexibility means you increase the range of motion of your joints. I always want to go grab the people who leave my water aerobics classes as […]

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Senior Exercise Fitness Tips: Exercise You Should Not Do – Jump Squats in the Water

The First of My Senior Exercise Fitness Tips The squat is a great exercise to build up to. Start by just backing up to a chair, cross your hands over your chest and touch your butt to the chair seat. Immediately stand up, using your legs and back. Do as many as you can–you’re building up […]

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Use It or Lose It . . .

Use it or Lose it is a common quote, but does it have a connection with fitness for seniors? A client brought me an article on dementia from the AARP Bulletin for January-Februray 2015. They said: Some studies show that physical exercise may prevent dementia in old age, because it seems to increase development of […]

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Celebrating the Wisdom of Experience

So let’s start this blog off with a celebration of the elders of the tribe and the wisdom of experience. Here is to the people who have lived long enough to figure it out! We seniors are in a unique position to understand about consequences–regarding our health, our finances, our relationships—because we’ve learned from personal experience. When […]

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