Open House TraceHi–I’m Susan Longley. I am a teacher and personal coach with a lifetime of experience learning about nutrition and fitness. I went to the gym for the first time at age 19, and was delighted with the results! I’ve worked out consistently since then, and ran the New York City Marathon a few years ago.  At 67, I do strength training, swimming and cardio every week.

It is exciting to share my love of fitness with other older adults.  I know what “aging” feels like.  Although I’m fit for my age, my strength and balance are not the same as they were 25 years ago. I don’t want to do jumping jacks because they make me pee. I prefer to keep one foot on the ground most of the time, unless I’m in the water or hanging onto a TRX strap! I love the challenge of continuing to push and respect limits at the same time!

I am now  a certified fitness trainer, providing personal fitness training and coaching for older adults including strength training, water aerobic exercise, and nutrition coaching.


I train with my mentor, Lew Collier, who is a gold mine of information about fitness and personal training, and who is also my age!  Lew came to Atlanta in 1967 to accept a swim scholarship at Morehouse College and after graduating from Northwestern University, returned to Morehouse as their swim team coach. He’s a 40-year black belt, and a Master Personal Trainer.

My oldest client is 92 years old.  She can do squats, kicks, and shoulder presses.  I always spot her to make sure she keeps her balance, but she does all the work herself.  In this video, she’s showing off her tap dancing skills!


I offer video training for clients for whom distance is a problem. Here’s a short clip of a video training session on an arm exercise.  Sometimes there’s a delay across the Internet and we’re not sure who’s talking, but it’s fun and works well at 7 AM. I also record the sessions and send them to her.



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